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Objava: 5. listopada 2022.

Submission of consumer complaints

Pursuant to Article 10 and Article 25 of the Consumer Protection Act (OG nos. 41/14,110/15), and under Article 37 of the Articles of Association of IVS – Istarski vodozaštitni sustav d.o.o., Buzet, Sv. Ivan 8, director Daniel Maurović, B.Sc., is hereby passing the following


  1. Written COMPLAINTS for services rendered by the Company can be submitted to the following address:
    Sv. Ivan 8, Buzet, 52420
    fax: +385 52 662 600
  2. Written complaints are submitted by post, fax or e-mail.
  3. The Company shall, without any delay, acknowledge the receipt of the complaint in writing and respond in writing to said consumer complaint within 15 days from the receipt thereof.
  4. Following the receipt of the response to complaint made, a dissatisfied consumer may submit the written COMPLAINT to the Consumer Protection Committee.
  5. The Consumer Protection Committee consists of the following: – Ana Šćulac,
  • Samanta Petohleb Černeha, and
  • Vladimir Ivančević, representative of the Consumer Protection Association.
  1. The complaint can be sent by post to: Sv. Ivan 8, 52420 Buzet; by fax: +385 52 662 600, or by e-mail to:
  2. The Consumer Protection Committee shall respond in writing to said complaint within 30 days from the receipt thereof.
  3. This Decision supercedes the Decision on the Submission of Consumer Complaints no. 1-8/18-16 of 21 December 2016.
  4. The Decision passed by the Management Board of the Consumer Protection Association of Istria, reg. no. 43/2017 of 8 November 2017 makes an integral part hereof.
  5. This Decision shall enter into force on the day of its adoption.
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